Illumination and Magnification Supported Dentistry and Hygiene

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Magnification and auxiliary LED llumination are routinely used in the practice of dentistry in our office. From your exam to more complicated procedures, the use of these tools has allowed us to raise the bar and simply put, do a better job.

There are two different types of magnification used, loupes (glasses) and an operating microscope. Loupes we use range in magnification from 2.5 to 4 times magnification and are used for all areas of dentistry. Combined with loupes or safety glasses, small LED lights are used by dentists and dental hygienists to enhance visibility. A dental operating microscope is, exactly that, a microscope used in the dental office both for clinical procedures and the diagnosis of pathology. It magnifies the teeth and tissues anywhere from 2-20 times. This combined with tremendous illumination allows the clinician to perform with far greater precision as well as diagnose issues earlier which allows for more conservative treatment. The microscope is routinely used for endodontic therapy (root canals), crown and bridge procedures, as well as any other procedure where better visibility is required. Our microscope is connected to a camera and TV, not only allowing photographs to be taken but the image to be displayed live for patient education or for those who wish to watch their procedures.

Because of the advantages of magnification and illumination they have become tools we cannot live without in the practice of dentistry today.